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Set of 6 Assorted Style Hanging Galvanized Birdhouses

Set of 6 Assorted Style Hanging Galvanized Birdhouses

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If you want only the best for your birds, our Set of 6 Assorted Galvanized Birdhouses is made for you. Each piece has its own architectural concept, making them fun, realistic and unique to the buyer (and bird). Made from galvanized metal, these are structurally sound, weather-resistant, rust-proof and made to last year after year. An excellent seller for obvious reasons...get these on your shelves and in a yard before they're gone! Transform your outdoor space into a sanctuary for your feathered friends with our Set of 6 Assorted Style Hanging Galvanized Birdhouses. Each birdhouse boasts its own unique architectural design, adding an element of sophistication to your landscape. Crafted from durable galvanized metal, these birdhouses are built to withstand the elements and promise to bring joy to both you and your winged visitors for years to come. A must-have for discerning bird enthusiasts, don't miss out on the chance to add these exquisite birdhouses to your collection.

- Indoor/Outdoor
- 100% galvanized steel
- Powder coated
- Weather and rust resistant
- Heavy duty metal hook for easy hanging
- Entry hole diameter: 1.75"
- Perch per each entry hole
- Six assorted styles with various details and designs
- Packaged 1set/carton (6pcs)

Product Dimensions:
1.) 8"X8"X11.75"H/ 21.75"TH
2.) 9.25"X7.5"X10.25"H/ 22.75"TH
3.) 8.5"X6.5"X15"H/ 28.75"TH
4.) 8.25"X7.875"X15.75"H/ 29"TH
5.) 11.25"X6.5"X13.58"H/ 27.5"TH
6.) 7.75"X8.75"X10"H/ 21"TH

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