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Safari Hat with Neck Protector

Safari Hat with Neck Protector

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Delve deep into the jungle—or your garden—with this Safari Hat with Neck Protector. With a neck flap to shield you from the sun and insects, this hat is perfect for any outdoor adventure. The camo print is perfect for any safari expedition, or for simply feeling like you're on one. So, whether you're braving the great outdoors or just enjoying a leisurely day in your backyard, this hat is a must-have for any nature-lover.

3 colors to choose from - Camo, Green Camo or Tan Camo.  The hat has snaps to fold up the brim and also a snap on the neck protector so you can fasten it under you chin.  It also have a neck strap to keep the hat securely on your head. 

Men's Large Size 

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