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Marisol Set of 3 Square Nesting Iron Mosaic Plant Stands

Marisol Set of 3 Square Nesting Iron Mosaic Plant Stands

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Our Mosaic Collection rapidly gained immense popularity and renown soon after its release, spurring us on to debut new styles and products for our customers to peruse. Introducing the Marisol Set of 3 Square Mosaic Plant Stands; these high-calibre small tables/stands feature two majestic sunflowers and butterflies with a leaf border adorning each of their square tops. With the ability to nest the large, medium, and small stands into each other for convenience in shipping and storage, these stands are ideal for showcasing potted plants, photo frames, and other decorative pieces.

- Indoor/Outdoor
- Weather resistant
- Crafted from quality iron, ceramic, and cement
- Iron is powder coated for added protection
- Sturdy, weighted, and durable
- Freestanding
- Hand finished and painted
- Packaged 1 set per carton

Large Tabletop Dimensions: 11.02" X 11.02" X 27.17" H.
Thickness Plant Stand Top: 0.78"
Height Stand (no top): 26.39"
Weight Capacity: 22lbs

Medium Tabletop Dimensions: 9.06" X 9.06" X 23.23" H.
Thickness of Plant Stand Top: 0.78"
Height of Stand (no top): 22.45"
Weight Capacity: 22lbs

Small Tabletop Dimensions: 7.09" X 7.09" X 19.29" H.
Tabletop Thickness: 0.78"
Height of LG Stand (no top): 18.51"
Weight Capacity: 11lbs

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