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Galvanized Hanging Animal Birdhouse - Cow

Galvanized Hanging Animal Birdhouse - Cow

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Decorate your yard or garden with the new collection of Galvanized Hanging Animal Birdhouses. These birdhouses are expertly constructed from 100% quality galvanized metal for strength and durability. Each birdhouse is built and detailed to depict a member of the animal kingdom. Our Cow shaped birdhouse features small horns and udder details. Add a charming touch to your outdoor space with our Galvanized Hanging Animal Birdhouses. Crafted from top-quality galvanized metal, these birdhouses are built to last. Each one boasts intricate detailing inspired by the animal world. Our Cow birdhouse, with its adorable horns and udder accents, is a perfect addition to your collection. Elevate your garden with this elegant and durable piece of art.

- 100% galvanized iron
- Weather & rust resistant
- Distressed greenish/galvanized finish
- 1.75 inch entry hole w/perch & protective overhang
- Includes drainage holes
- Packaged 6pcs/carton
- Height with Chain = 26 inches long

Minimum: 6
Increment: 6
Dimensions: 17" L x 5.5" W x 11" H
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