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75.75 inch Tall Galvanized Condo Birdhouse Stake Lambertville

75.75 inch Tall Galvanized Condo Birdhouse Stake Lambertville

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Taking inspiration from our bestselling condo birdhouse stakes, we have created a whole new collection crafted from 100% quality galvanized metal. Our Tall "Lambertville" Condo Birdhouse Stake features a simple yet classic architecture, numerous windows (with protective overhang), and ample living space for birds of various species. Now available in original Galvanized (gunmetal) finish and Antique Copper. Experience the beauty of nature right in your own backyard with our exquisite collection of handcrafted condo birdhouse stakes. Made from 100% premium galvanized metal, the "Lambertville" design boasts classic architectural details, large windows with protective overhangs, and plenty of room for all avian residents. Choose between the sleek, modern look of the original Galvanized finish or add a touch of elegance with Antique Copper. Enhance your outdoor space with this timeless and luxurious addition.

- Made from galvanized iron
- Powder coated for added protection
- Weather & rust resistant
- Includes drainage and ventilation holes
- Sturdy and durable
- Partial assembly required

Height of Birdhouse ONLY (no stake):  25"
Diameter of Entry Hole: 1.5"
Number of Entry Holes: 5
Number of Perches: 3
Inner Birdhouse Height: 23.5"
Inner Birdhouse Length: 9.5"
Inner Birdhouse Width: 7.25"
Height of Stake ONLY (no birdhouse): 50.75"
Number of Prongs: 4

Dimensions: 13.75" L x 10.5" W x 75.75" H
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