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67.25 inch Tall Pineapple Shaped Copper Birdhouse Stake

67.25 inch Tall Pineapple Shaped Copper Birdhouse Stake

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Tired of the same old garden decor? Look no further! Our new collection of nature-shaped birdhouse stakes is a fun (and functional) way to spruce up any outdoor space. Expertly iron-crafted with a smooth, distressed copper finish, our Pineapple Shaped Birdhouse Stake will bring joy to both you and the birds who call it home. Our Pineapple Shaped Birdhouse Stake is a stunning addition to any outdoor space. Crafted with expert ironwork and boasting a smooth, distressed copper finish, this birdhouse serves as a beautiful and functional home for our feathered friends. Elevate your garden decor with a touch of luxury and watch as the birds flock to this exclusive piece.

- Weather & rust resistant
- Crafted from powder coated iron
- Sturdy three-prong stake
- Distressed Copper finish
- Two inch entry hole with perch
- Breaks apart and screws together for easy shipping/storage

Height of Birdhouse ONLY (no stake): 19.5"
Number of Entry Holes: 1
Diameter of Entry Hole: 1.5"
Number of Perches: 1
Inner Birdhouse Length: 6.5"
Inner Birdhouse Width: 6"
Inner Birdhouse Height: 8.5"
Height of Stake ONLY (no birdhouse): 47.75"
Number of Stake Prongs: 3
Drainage Holes: Yes
Ventilation Holes: No

Dimensions: 8.75" L x 8.75" W x 68.25" H

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