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27" Tall Painted Iron Rooster Decoration Chester

27" Tall Painted Iron Rooster Decoration Chester

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These roosters raise the bar for garden figurines. Crafted with special attention to detail, texture, and color, these high-quality metal roosters are a must-have for any garden decor retailer this season. Each piece is hand painted with rich colors, covered in precision cut metal feathers that are malleable, and adorned in realistic details. Anyone passing by will need to do a double take due to their authentic appearance. "Chester" is the first of six varying rooster figurines in this collection - Don't miss out on the other five styles! Introducing "Chester", your premier choice for elevated garden decor. Crafted with meticulous detail, these hand painted metal roosters boast rich colors, lifelike features, and a feathered texture that's second to none. Each piece in this limited collection is designed to draw the eye and turn heads. Be the envy of your neighbors with "Chester" and don't forget to complete your collection with the other five unique styles.

- Indoor/Outdoor
- Weather & rust resistant
- 100% powder coated iron
- Hand painted in natural colors
- Realistic details and textures
- Pliable feathers
- Unique personalities
- Packaged one piece per carton

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