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24" Tall Baby Blue Porcelain Birdbath with Hand Painted Cherry Blossoms Eloise

24" Tall Baby Blue Porcelain Birdbath with Hand Painted Cherry Blossoms Eloise

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Our newest birdbaths are the most chic designs we've produced yet. Featuring gorgeous porcelain pedestals, each birdbath has a coordinating hand painted porcelain basin that is guaranteed to make customers swoon and neighbors jealous. Available in two sizes - large with a 16" diameter and 24" height or small with 13" diameter and 15" height - we have a piece for every style and personality. The "Eloise" 24" Tall Round Porcelain Pedestal Birdbath features a glossy baby blue base coat with hand painted cherry blossoms scattered across the inner basin. Add to any space and watch it come alive! **Porcelain products should be brought inside during extreme low temperatures to prevent possible cracking/damages due to product freezing. Elevate your outdoor space with exquisite taste and style. Our latest birdbath collection boasts premium porcelain pedestals paired with hand painted porcelain basins, designed to impress and delight. Choose from a range of sizes, including our luxurious 24" tall option, featuring a glossy baby blue base coat adorned with delicate hand painted cherry blossoms. Enjoy the beauty and elegance of this timeless piece, sure to elevate any garden or patio. **Remember to care for your porcelain investment by bringing it indoors during extreme cold weather.

- Outdoor safe
- Weather resistant
- Skillfully crafted
- Hand painted
- Freestanding
- Packaged 1pc/carton
     Carton Size: 22lbs 22.5" x 15.35" x 18.9"H.

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