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11.5" Long Acrylic Decor in 6 Assorted Color Combinations

11.5" Long Acrylic Decor in 6 Assorted Color Combinations

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These pieces are a great way to add a touch of color to any home or business. Handmade, each piece features an assortment of carefully chosen colored acrylic beads strung together to create an aesthetically pleasing ornament. They're available in six different color combinations. Place them near a window or light source and watch them as they sparkle and twirl while reflecting the sun's rays. Transform your home or business with these exquisite acrylic decor pieces. Each one is handmade and carefully crafted to showcase an assortment of stunning colored beads. With six unique color combinations to choose from, you can easily bring vibrant pops of color to any space. Add a touch of elegance by placing them near natural light sources and watch as they capture and dance in the sunlight.

- Indoor/Outdoor
- Year round use
- High quality acrylic; air bubble free
- Beautiful vibrant colors
- Available in six assorted color combinations

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