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10" Long Assorted Acrylic Decor in 6 Assorted Colors

10" Long Assorted Acrylic Decor in 6 Assorted Colors

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Want to spice up a section of your home or business in a subtle and easy way? Our Acrylic Hanging Decor is a great way to add a splash of color and make a room more dynamic in a flash. Each piece is handmade from high quality acrylic, meaning they are air bubble free, solid, and long-lasting. They come in six assorted color combinations and look especially magical when hung near a window where the acrylic can twirl and sparkle like a crystal in the sun. Transform your space into a work of art with our 10" Long Assorted Acrylic Decor. These handcrafted pieces are made from high-quality, air-bubble-free acrylic, ensuring durability and stunning sparkle. Available in six vibrant color combinations, these hanging decor pieces add a touch of sophistication and whimsy to any room. Hang them near a window and watch as the light plays off of the acrylic, giving it a crystal-like shine. Elevate your decor game with these exclusive pieces.

- Indoor/Outdoor
- High quality acrylic
- Easy to hang with metal hook
- Sturdy and sold
- Air bubble free
- Six assorted color combinations

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