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Say No To Pot! 12"x17" Metal Sign

Say No To Pot! 12"x17" Metal Sign

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In a world where lobsters are subjected to the perils of pot after pot, one brave crustacean is taking a stand. This vintage-inspired tin sign is on a mission to spread an important message: "Say No to Pot!" No, not that kind of pot. We're talking about the kind with boiling water that spells certain doom for our clawed friend here. With its retro lobster graphic and no-nonsense typography, this sign brings some cheeky coastal style to your space while raising awareness for lobster liberation. Because while we humans may enjoy the occasional lobster pot pie or lobster roll, we have to ask ourselves: at what cost to lobster-kind? This conversation starter of a sign is a stylish reminder that we should all do our part to stem the tide of lobster subjugation, one pot at a time. The lobsters will thank you.


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