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Galvanized Hanging Animal Birdhouse - Dog

Galvanized Hanging Animal Birdhouse - Dog

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Decorate your yard or garden with the new collection of Galvanized Hanging Animal Birdhouses. These birdhouses are expertly constructed from 100% quality galvanized metal for strength and durability. Each birdhouse is built and detailed to depict a member of the animal kingdom. This Dog birdhouse features a cute canine with perky ears and tail. Bring a touch of whimsy and sophistication to your outdoor space with our collection of Galvanized Hanging Animal Birdhouses. Handcrafted from premium, 100% galvanized metal, these birdhouses offer unparalleled strength and durability. Each piece is carefully designed to capture the charm and essence of the animal world. Our Dog birdhouse, with its charming perky ears and wagging tail, is the perfect addition to any garden or yard. Elevate your outdoor decor with this luxurious and exclusive piece.

- 100% galvanized iron
- Weather & rust resistant
- Distressed greenish/galvanized finish
- 1.75 inch entry hole w/perch & protective overhang
- Includes drainage holes
- Packaged 6pcs/carton
- Height with Chain = 26.25 inches long

Dimensions: 16.25" L x 7" W x 13.38" H
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